Relationship Goals

Isn’t there an experience you’re hoping to have with someone?

People are made to work together, form teams and co create. It takes all of those things just to give birth to the next person. Drive and take control.

Inevitably, you’re going to find yourself connected to some other human being. It’s hardwired.

Envision. Outline. Plan. Engage. I learned to do everything that way yet love escaped wild and free. Love is expansion, it cannot be contained. Goals aren’t about control or entrapment, they are a practice of dedication, intention for your soul. Giving with that energy is an expression of love. I want to see it grow bigger than ever. Have goals for everyone you meet.

Relationship Goals by jaebiYour colleagues, family and friends are all deserving of the loving expression of your intentions for them. The moment you set an intention, your sails launch another voyage, an adventure. Isn’t that what love is all about?