Let Yourself Feel the Good

One chooses sorrow as effortlessly as joy. There’s a moment today and tomorrow you can let yourself feel the good that’s available in your experience.  H.OS is infinitely expandable. Using practice turns on the evolution feature set within you. Sorrowful events are about to happen so install a practice that generates pleasure and get used to it. Let yourself feel the good.

I say it when I need a reminder to have what I asked for. Loving someone takes practice and I’m usually available to put myself to the test. IFeel the Goodt takes work to appreciate the blessings available when I’m constantly focused on getting what I don’t have.

Despite the fact thousands of people are under or unemployed, I get to complain about how much work my demanding jobs take. “Let yourself feel the good,” I say to myself. Then tell a joke, do a dance or sing a song to celebrate having what I signed up for. A career that constantly challenges and requests my excellence.

When being with my lover ticks me off, the way she speaks or perhaps the timing or an ill conceived act makes me wish we never met. Let yourself feel the good. Then I choose to see a human being who I’ve allowed to chip away at the gibraltar core. Except someone special enough to crave and revere.

Feel my desire to revere.

Even when I’m unnerved by people gravitating in my space, too close. Why? There’s plenty of space over and away from my body. Let yourself feel the good is gratitude for living in the most popular city in the world. What nerve I have to summon annoyance when I request people and energy course through me.

In love, when I exalt a kindred spirit as a goddess, mother, or queen only to resent her attention, there is an emotional disconnect between wanting and having my own creation. Let yourself feel the good.

Events happen externally, emotions are generate within.

In all human operating systems, there is enormous potential to shape and influence physical (hardware) and mental (software) circumstances to such a degree you live in a world of your own creation.