Practice Feeling

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Lovers are warriors at heart. It is a furious art on the battlefield of emotions where skill using sensation is a constant quest. Feeling is a lover’s martial art. Everyone can feel through the sense of either touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. You’re born with a different sense than your lover but both of you can sharpen your senses with practice.

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As a lover, your opponents where the mask of your woman, but your true enemy is what motivates her.

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Every warrior has adversaries. As a lover, your opponents wear the mask of your woman, but your true enemy is what motivates her. If she is a lover, then it is sensation that pulls her to you as well. It’s likely that she is not fully committed to loving you, feeling who you are. She may be driven by the pressure to be “at a certain point.” A place anyone can fill but not any person is you. 

Therein lies the danger of being motivated by anything you can’t feel. Judgements, moral beliefs, preached opinions and other figments of cultural imagination create disconnection.


Sensation—what you feel is as real as it gets.

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In order to practice feeling, dive into the core of truth between you and her. The more visceral the sensation you create in her presence, the better. Touch is most direct but not sustainable for long periods of time. Listening to her, letting her sounds pass through you like an instrument offers hours of feeling. Seeing her is powerful, smelling her is intimate and endearing. 

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This practice leaves nothing under appreciated. Feel her cleanly, without expectation of what it means about her. Feel for the sake of experiencing what it’s like and enjoy it more than you ever have. Savor it. The richness of your connection is soiled with bias and sin, all things not based on facts or truth. Sensation—what you feel is as real as it gets. It’s your bodies most direct understanding of the universe and that comes installed with your life.