Is Trusting Your Gut Easy

The mind is powerful but it doesn’t have all the answers.

In fact, the mind gets all it’s information from the body. Your body feeds your brain data, plus it has information, and wisdom, you can practice listening to.

“Trust your gut” isn’t great advice when you don’t know the language your body speaks. It’s NOT English. Your body doesn’t speak in syllables. The gut, and the rest of your body communicates with feelings and sensations the logical mind is not equipped to reason with.
Remember when they wanted you to get better at logic, they gave you math problems to solve? Practice.
Sensation practice works the same way. You need emotional problems to solve in order to get better. Ideally that learning happens with a guide, who can give you simple exercises to practice, figure things out, in a setting that’s controlled and safe. So you can learn to trust your gut, and the rest of your intelligent body, as much as you do your intelligent mind.

What is your body telling you right now?

Is that message healthy, or toxic?

Can you tell the difference?

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