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The right learning experiences can unlock the lifestyle you truly desire.

by Jaebi


I teach people to learn skills in a way that builds confidence as you face life’s challenges. Learning that is equally intuitive and logical helps you master techniques while developing friendships, increasing emotional awareness and creating valuable connections at work and home.I got my start training YM + YWHA participants to build computers from scratch which they took home to families who lacked access. As their trainer, I also learned powerful lessons that became pillars of my career over the next 15 years.

  1. Hands-on, experience based learning creates faster results for individuals and groups
  2. Fear (often of failure) must be exercised to reach higher levels of growth and learning
  3. Skill-building can be structured in a way that makes a measurable difference in you life

Using these methodologies, I went on to train hundreds of students and teachers as a Training Manager at MOUSE, a Media Developer with Harlem Children’s Zone and a Technology Learning Specialist with Red Hook Initiative.

The engineering mindset served my career well but I struggled with interpersonal relationships. Logic only goes so far. I spent the next four years working with educators, coaches and trainers developing authentic relating skills, practicing radical intimacy and deepening my knowledge of healthier connection strategies.

In 2016 I developed the Human Operating System (H.OS) framework for learning, which focuses on how people naturally excel at growth and learning. In 2018, I launched a boutique training and coaching company to help you unlock and hone emotional intelligence that can be used to enhance your life and benefit the people who matter.

I earned a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, Certification in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention with Columbia University, Mental Health First Aid Certification by the National Council and Non Violent Communication.