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Experience is life’s greatest teacher and I’m the teacher’s assistant. I organize the labs and experiments so you can create new understanding with every step.

Jaebi Training I hate to grade but I love connecting you to new experiences of learning and growth. That’s how human technology authentically works, after all.

I’ve always had a hate-love relationship with technology and it seems to be in our genes. Technology has always exposed humanity’s deepest flaws. Look way back at the advent of a printing press. Suddenly books were the new media technology of the times. It immediately shone light on a big problem: most people were illiterate!

Media of the now continues to highlight what we’re missing, person to person, connection to connection. What you’re missing from life’s great lessons is the one theme that ties all my programs together.

Perhaps not so ironically, I refined my ability to build learning constructs as a computer engineer, but my desire to grow and develop people flung me into instructional design.

I became passionate about human-centered work through a year of service with Americorps VISTA. Since then, I’ve trained over 10.000 people through in person workshops, curriculum and digital platforms.

I ran the New York City marathon in 2010, just before releasing my first book and launching Imagenat LLC, a creative education company.

In 2018 I started Bealover, a training company focused solely on enhancing personal capacity, using one of the most powerful natural energy sources on the planet.