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I discover the newest and coolest skills and teach anyone as excited as me to learn.

Tech as early as the printing press exposed flaws in how people operate while opening a window into desires that move us all.

The invention of book media made global illiteracy a problem but what people put in the books everyone wanted to know.

Today’s media continues to highlight what we miss in real world connections.  Human experience has always offered a massive depth of knowledge, something I knew long before I became an engineer and instructional designer.

I was an explorer long before the Internet was a thing, which lead to a job at NASA before I graduated High School. By the time I learned to reverse engineer computers, I was also adept at constructing personal skills and capacity to create connection and form teams.

I became passionate about this work and gave a year of service with Americorps VISTA, training at YM&YWHA. Turn key training was a thing and before long, I was in command of a flagship program for a tiny company with a large scale train the trainer model from here to Jordan. At the height of it all, I ran the New York City marathon, released a book, started a company and developed the Human Operating System as a framework for experiential learning.

It offers 15 years of experience and study optimizing the most valuable tool you’re born with. The power to choose growth.