Your relationship with messy is a good place to start your challenges. Consider what you do to eat noodles with utensils is neat and what you do to eat the same meal with your hands is messy. Therein lies a clear distinction in what you find acceptable and unacceptable.

Next consider that there’s more joy available in eating with your bare hands. Experiencing the texture of the soft and chewy delight between your fingers before transferring it to the tip of your lips. You suck the sauce off your fingers and pull the noodle in. Your entire connection to eating spaghetti is sensually heightened. Imagine that the bigger mess you make, the more possibility you create for fun.

the more fucked up things get the better stories you have to tell.

This is true until you believe that neat is better than messy. When in fact, it is a desensitized way to experience your food. This challenge is about breaking a belief that separates you from being in touch with the joy you can create. Consider that the above thought experiment of neat and messy isn’t about food, it’s about your relationship [to women]. Don’t avoid getting messy with her, lean into it.

How you feel about messy is readily malleable. You likely alter it depending on the cuisine or type of person you seek. Eating pizza with your hands might be perfectly acceptable while eating Lasagna the same way isn’t. This is a challenge of beliefs and customs not facts. Being with her happens after thousands of trials and every passing moment is a chance.

Messy means having a high fail rate and the more fucked up things get the better stories you have to tell. Challenge the notion that sweet and neat really makes anyone happy for long. Yet the redeeming quality of the challenging messy is that right when it feels like you’re having the worst go with a lass, on the other side of the chaos is joy if you’re willing to experience it in a new way.


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