Specialized Education

The Lover Institute is a school of thought aimed at creating a more just, effective and pleasurable society for all people by stuffing the planet full of loving creatures.

Where hate is powerful, love can be wielded with skill and strategically weaponized. With immersive, experiential education and training, practical lovers create measurable impact.

Successful intimacy.

Communication that lands deals and opens doors.

Exceeding your wildest expectations.

Practical lovers experience enhanced productivity, increased cohesion of interpersonal relationships, and stronger teams.

Be a Lover Training

Lover Institute has partnered with Skillshare.com to launch an introduction to our new curriculum led by Jaebi.

The full workshop, HTBAL, launches in the Summer 2017 but you can get started with a few experiential learning activities to tease out your best lover.


New Courses Coming Soon