Content Producer

ADDIE Learning Specialist

What happens when I design an educational program that produces marketing content for business clients?

  1. Hundreds of adults learn market ready skills.
  2. My company discovers a new revenue stream
  3. The New York City Human Resources Administration becomes a client.
  4. Local news outlets take notice and join the cause.

For your pleasure, here’s a look at the product produced by professionals in the program I designed, developed and implemented in Brooklyn NY.


Professional Analysis

Instructional Design Guide

Guide to Developing Training

I advise businesses on the most effective ways to develop educational platforms using human-centered strategies focused on concrete results you can measure.

I developed this guide for a Brooklyn based organization with a staff designing workforce development programs.


Innovation Award

This training platform was recognized for the scale, impact and technology it employs. This helped secure $100,000 in funding for a local organization.

Post Production Manager

Technical Prowess

As an engineer and technologist, I have a wide array of programming and production skills and software expertise. These have been invaluable across my entire career.

Here’s a recent example of work done using video editing software where I both advised and led post production work at the tale end of a production managed by other professionals.