My expertise is changing lives.

I do it by facilitating experiences that allow students to create a positive shift in the direction of their life. I guarantee they take new actions, which drive new results.

The kinds of experiences that engage sexual health, a place commonly plagued by trauma and fear that limit your fullest self.

Or the kinds of experiences that confront your very being: Who are you in the world? What is your purpose? What impact do you get to make?

Often I simply facilitate you learning a new technical skill, in a way that enhances your capacity to make money or get a job.

Changing your life isn’t easy but it can be straightforward. Work with a trainer who has the steps laid out. Work with a trainer who understands your challenges and can support momentum. Do it all in the right environment and your achievements are certain.


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Create a productive user experience with the most advanced OS alive. People.

Train the Trainer

Train the trainers

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Digital Media Bootcamp

Create stories that matter.

Digital Stewards @ VStudios

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Using technology as a tool to create the next leaders of the industry and community.