I did the computer engineer thing and immediately starting training other people.

15 years laters, I’m still engineering experiences for people to learn how to do what they never imagined possible for themselves. Working with hundreds of people, hundreds of outcomes, helped me articulate the Human Operating System (H.OS). A simple framework for how all people thrive, develop and connect.

Here are some of my favorite works:


Social Skill Empowerment Training

Emotional Intelligence is an ability to be connected to your awareness and the experience of others. It’s a multifaceted balance of interpersonal skills that I make super easy to master with one simple question.

The question motivates your greatest moment, every minute. The same question earns you friends and success at work. It spurs passion and deepens intimacy. It even heals families and romance.

I give the question away for free because my life is about elevating myself and others. Anyone can use the question. It’s that simple but not easy. Pain and discomfort are certain.

I train and mentor powerful people who want to push through and raise the bar.

Train the Trainer

Train the trainers

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Digital Storytelling Courses

Create stories that matter.

Professional Development Courses

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Using technology as a tool to create the next leaders of the industry and community.