Practice Evolution

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I was told that control is an illusion but this isn’t true. Being with her taught me that. When she finds me, readiness is a result of something I’ve done because action is necessary in matters of intimacy. Every act I’ve ever made has been a choice, the one thing that can destroys illusion, also the only thing I truly control. Control is almost an illusion until someone makes a decision.

The value of understanding operating systems is the opportunity to work from their strengths.

Choice is a feature that makes human operating systems more advanced than any other ever created. It works like a kernel, the core of OS experiences. It’s will that leads to all other experiences and subsequent growth. Not only is the power to evolve is built into living tissue, it is invoked by any moment you choose growth mindset. You have the power to evoke a process that develops over hundreds of years in this very instant. A person doesn’t have to wait a thousand years for evolution when it is a practice.

Making evolution a practice delivers richness to my mind and body far beyond what being with her is capable of. Yet having her is motivation for my soul.

Without inspiration there can be no evolution. It becomes a mantra in relationship. The seed that inspires existence of desire. If you want it right now it’s as good as a need. In the act of choice you become a force over reality. An energy capable of creating experience, the chief currency of reality.

The core of this practice is seizing every opportunity to grow. If you are not finding many, create them and activate your evolution.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][stylish_image_content image_id=”1076″][/stylish_image_content][vc_column_text]As H.OS growth suggests, practicing evolution requires thought and physical experimentation. It’s invigorating being in relationship this way.

If every choice I make with her creates an experience, I can have what I truly want and advocate for it without remorse. Evolution is a right of being. Being aware of it I’m fully responsible and can’t blame her or anyone for what results. In the end, it was me in the beginning who used my will over everything.

Love and sex isn’t just about dating and relationships. It’s about being alive and life is limitless. Being in love is a heightened awareness of the expansiveness of forces that stretch beyond your imagination. Life dies when you try to contain or constrain it as so much of relating does. You or your partner scientifically cannot remain the same in any shape or form. If in fact you do, it’s safe to say your system is running inefficiently which isn’t going to inspire deeper connection in your relationships.

Limiting your lovers is a key pitfall to your evolution practice but there are others. Comfort ranks high as well when you consider people are designed to experience marked growth with discomfort and even pain. Control isn’t quite the illusion, stagnation is. Even the choice you just made needs follow up as a new circumstance arrives. Nothing is ever truly the same as it was a moment ago.

There’s a tendency to settle in when relationships deepen intimacy and interdependency. This is inauthentic by nature which is why it isn’t a characteristic that serves your love life.

When you practice evolution, you make clear choices in your relationship that stimulate desire and connection to the control you have over time and space. You honor authenticity and an innate ability to adapt to the experience of any woman in your path. Never settle for who your are, aspire to what you’re truly capable of.

It takes practice to find seize success in ever moment, to act as necessary and let go of who you are in service of a greater you. Yet you can do it every single day by cherishing every choice you make with her and taking every lesson it offers. This is the practice of evolution.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]