The Myth of the One

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Connection to people is just about the only thing that matters. Everything else is just a ruse to get to the main human objective. Connection.

Not surprising then, is this the Human Operating System’s primary protocol. H.OS seeks to connect without fail. You’re built to even form bonds with cars, toys, stories, even vague ideas and myths. Human beings connect with anyone or thing, they possibly can. This isn’t trivial because it means reality does not determine meaning in your life, only what you choose to believe.

Take the Myth of the One (MOTO). An epic fate that awaits to reunite you with your other half, against insurmountable odds and great risk. For if you do not find the one, your soul is destined to perish alone.

There’s not an ounce of fact or truth in this but if you believe it, there’s certainly a lot of pressure in your life and relationships to get it right. The stakes are life and death in this belief system.

In reality, death severs all connections to life. Under normal circumstances you don’t take anyone along for that final ride. Everyone literally dies alone. There’s a flip side to this sobering reality.

As a Lover you can have connection until the moment you die. You can deny it as well. Like all fantasy, MOTO taps into something that is real no matter what your beliefs are. By searching for the one, you activate a desire to be seen and loved through rejection, struggle and disappointment.

It’s remains inspiring to keep searching for one elusive thing on the entire planet when you keep the faith that it is made for you and just waiting to be found. Inspiration is the goal for all romance. Though when you operate within their boundaries, the impact you can create on your life are just as limited as the fantasy itself.

In the real world where no one is actually made to fit you and no one is really waiting around for you to complete their existence, you run the risk of projecting your fantasy onto a sovereign entity. In doing so, you attempt to bring fantasy into reality, creating a cage of your thought and emotions and expecting a wild human to live inside of it.

This is the dark side of romance, role play and fantasy because it is a route toward disconnection from a person.

Inspiration should lead you to connection. This can only be gotten through tasting, touching, seeing, hearing and smelling the actual person, not a myth about who they are meant to be to you. Relying too heavily on MOTO makes you anything but ready for relationship. MOTO’s ethics are all about what you stand to get from a relationship and less about who you get to be through a relationship.

MOTO operates in the voids between intellect and sensation where fake can be sexy. Connection to people isn’t consistent or constant. It moves like ocean waves and a Lover is surfing endlessly.

On the other hand, searching for “the one” is a static connection that only changes or shifts when you allow it, like an emotional sex doll.

H.OS commands you to connect, even if it is to a figment of imagination. The depth of human intimacy is lost when you force it into the boundaries of a never changing ideal.

With the skills of a master lover, you can confidently abandon the search for the one in order to possess your truth of being the one true love you have always wanted. It’s that truth that amazing lovers share with their significant others.

It’s that truth that makes it clear that the MOTO lies in it’s claim that there is but one true source of love for you in the cosmos. It’s that knowing possession that life offers no shortages of love, only lovers.

Like the energy that makes ocean waves, true love is an abundant force and you can have as much as you want. The only question is how well do you surf Lover?

Being a Lover isn’t easy and that’s why myths and fantasy are in high demand. Use them to shine light through the dark times but don’t believe something you can’t touch or feel or at least claim is a religion. Your beliefs should serve your connection and grow your capacity to love, not limit your choices or skills.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]