What is The Question Explained

The Question is simple. It’s only as mysterious as some people think love is. No one can succinctly explain love without using analogy, story or vague notions that merely point toward something esoteric.

That’s what makes the question mysterious. Miseducation at worse but romance at best. Love is the answer, or something to that effect say the romantics. The problem is that most people want real love, not romantic fantasy.

That’s where things get simple. Love isn’t the answer because it’s part of the Question.

“What’s the most loving action or reaction you can create right now?”

That’s the entire question. It has as many flavors of expression as there are decisions a human can make. It works in any scenario, in any language, in any political climate in any nation where people interact. Anyone who answers The Question in excellence is creating an amazing world to say the least.

To say the most, they’re being a Lover which makes them capable of creating High Value Relationships.