Crazy Women are a Myth

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Emotion isn’t logical, it is sensual. Feelings have no rhyme or reason. This isn’t a good or a bad thing, it’s just the way your system operates. Not all ways of being are conscious choice. You’re designed to move in involuntary ways as well. Crazy and involuntary look a lot alike. Your very heartbeat is anything but rational. Sometimes it has a steady tempo but that can be erratic and you don’t have much say so either way. That’s just who you are, human. 

Crazy women are a myth, clinical diagnosis aside. The larger than life femme, passionate and illogical, known as a handful, who every man thinks is out of touch with reality. She isn’t real. At best and worst, this is a scapegoat for a world full of men who don’t want that kind of competition–not the type that crazy women bring. In fact, the qualities of a crazy woman in a man make for quite an admirable person.

Being human, as people tend to be, has ups and downs but your authenticity has a reward called purpose. When you’re able to simply be as you are, freely, you become clear why you are put on this planet in the first place.

Calling women crazy (or entertaining girls who identify with this term) is a very low grade experience. There’s a higher possibility. A supreme kind of normal awaits you when you release myths like this one.

Start by embracing you’re own crazy.

Never forget that you are an animal, capable of wild behavior. This H.OS feature unites men and women in their capacity for being wild animals with an intellect. This is part of unity, a secret language in a society that fails to celebrate differences and neglects how much boys and girls are just alike.

What is common and what is not between men and women are two halves that form a whole. Both together are the source of harmonic power in your relationships. The swirl of masculine and feminine modalities combine like yin and yang.

Any guy who wants to be her man has a challenge before him:

  1. Dispelling the myth of crazy women and,
  2. Embracing that archetype

Both things are within his capacity. He has to own it. When he does, he frees her from a certain kind of bondage created in his mind. Hopefully she has given her self this liberty so that when she finds him, as she always will, they have something very powerful in common.

That becomes a new kind of foundation, for a new kind of connection, a new kind of relationship and a new kind of intimacy.