Finding Lovers

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Men, don’t waste another moment hunting for a woman to have sex with you. Not a second. There’s a better use of your intentions and you are it. Instead, enhance the experience of you. This is the best thing for you. It turns out, that use of your energy is also best for her, especially before she meets you. Once she does, put adequate focus on her but keep intentions absolutely the same. You are the one you’ve been waiting for after all. 

Go! Do. An exercise, take a hobby, explore vices responsibly. Follow your dreams at all times. Live through passion and purpose. Collect treasures and store them within. Spend every ounce of your energy filling yourself and moving toward enrichment experiences. On your way to, from and even there is where she’ll find you.

 She finds him.

She is looking this very moment in fact. Perhaps she’ll do so her entire life, even after two meet. The human operating system (H.OS) is written to ensure humanity continues. DNA prescribes her finding him. Her body literally doesn’t quit.

H.OS is the mark of authenticity because it comprises the most basic of human experiences. The innate you.  Authentic by definition. Possessing an Operating System doesn’t make you a master. Practice and experience do. When something is a verb, words and notions won’t do. Action is necessary in matters of intimacy.

As you experience, you grow. As you grow, you evolve.

Experience. Grow. Evolve. Repeat. Give yourself permission and go. Letting go of finding her frees your system resources up for a greater challenge and grander reward. Being ready for her. Who you might describe as the girl [woman] of your dreams, the perfect one night stand, partner, lover, companion–however you call her.

Finding lovers is nothing more than being accessible to allow one to come. Her experience of him is everything when the crave of semen and intimacy drives her always in his direction, close enough for attraction to turn on. Sustaining a connection and deepening relationship is far more complex.  

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When someone is a “handful,” you aren’t ready. On the other hand, there are those who take to “the chase” for sport and leisure. There’s an obvious dark unhealthy side to this. Addiction. Beware the crave of a particular satisfaction. When the chase becomes a quick fix to having. When desire for connection is apparently unsustainable, you go back for another quick fix. Never achieving satiation. The better and faster you get at chasing her, the less satisfying each fix becomes. Before long all you can do well is chase. Satisfaction is seldom and your emotional and sexual health deteriorate and transform into something far less intimate than relationships deserve to be. Having warmth and connection is mutually nourishing ways is exactly what all men and women deserve.

There are healthy ways to be in any kind of growth-based relationship. Whether you claim to be single, married, partnered, polyamorous or open, being with someone involves an abundance of trust, intimacy, respect and commitment. It has no deception, less fear, more courage and takes lots of risk.

If these qualities are not apparent in your relationship you can be clear it is not thriving. A grand rule of thumb is to leave her better than when she found you. Even if it’s a one night stand, be of service and value to your lover. 

Nothing makes your sex more valuable than mastery of being with people. That quest begins with your own operating system. This is a manual for practically navigating your very own H.OS in order to extract all it’s capable of.

Intend to treat yourself like the greatest experiment that has ever lived. Physical experimentation requires using your body. Thought experimentation requires using your mind. Use is a verb. So is experiment. You have to go and do.

Within every section is a nugget you can use right away. Glance through before a date to ground yourself or devour a chapter on a quick commute.

There are four categories built for experimentation: Practices, Actions, Research and Challenges. They’re designed as aides to your experience of life and offer maximum value when you’re out being with people. Especially women you want to have sex with. 

Equality is irresistible. Though modern society uses sex to disrupt unity, sexuality is actually a vital feature set that makes all human operating systems compatible. In the end, sex is the great equalizer.

As you go, use your experience to consistently install upgrades to the amount of pleasure you have in your relationships. More is always available. The human operating system is infinitely expandable though not all applications are beneficial.

For example some boys and girls develop a nasty addiction to attention. The focus of being in a relationship hangs so heavy on being seen that little energy get left for seeing your lovers.

By challenging yourself, taking precise actions, instilling consistency with practice and critically examining the results, you can create more sexual satisfaction, sustained intimacy, cultivate growth and foster healing in your life of loving.

It sounds sweet but these experiments require grit and rigor. A willingness to get uncomfortable is non-negotiable. Expect disappointments. Befriend negative results. All feedback is valuable data and all experiences contribute to having more.

Discomfort is an accelerant to growth.

Even on the most visceral level, this is true. Babies teething are quite uncomfortable as those choppers come in. It isn’t enjoyable yet it’s positively vital.

As you grow experientially, your personal evolution may or may not be comfortable. The important thing to remember is it isn’t ever actually about her. Having starts with being. If you are the best version of yourself, she can be no less than you deserve.

As you gain fluidity with your personal operating system, you move closer to being secure and grounded in who you are and why it matters. Having her can be enriching but being is eternal. Who you are when she finds you determines how she shows up.

Get ready to have exactly what you’ve been wanting for.

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