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practice allowance

Practice Allowance

Allow yourself to feel joy. Appreciate. Be happy. It’s abundantly clear there’s something in your life to find pleasure in but if you [...]
jaebi September 30, 2016 Good
Practice Feeling Image

Practice Feeling

Lovers are warriors at heart. It is a furious art on the battlefield of emotions where skill using sensation is a constant quest. Feeling [...]
jaebi August 17, 2016 Good
Challenge Messy

Challenge Messy

Your relationship with messy is a good place to start your challenges. Consider what you do to eat noodles with utensils is neat [...]
jaebi August 2, 2016 Good
artwork by francosfreax

Practice Evolution

I was told that control is an illusion but this isn't true. Being with her taught me that. When she finds me, readiness [...]
jaebi July 26, 2016 Good
Finding Her

Finding Lovers

Men, don’t waste another moment hunting for a woman to have sex with you. Not a second. There's a better use of your [...]
jaebi July 15, 2016 Good