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Practice Evolution

I was told that control is an illusion but this isn't true. Being with her taught me that. When she finds me, readiness [...]
jaebi July 26, 2016 Good

Finding Lovers

Men, don’t waste another moment hunting for a woman to have sex with you. Not a second. There's a better use of your [...]
jaebi July 15, 2016 Good

The word itself is impressive Giving a “fuck” puts will into action. Earning indecency and respect all at once. A well placed fuck [...]
jaebi June 28, 2016 Bad Good

Let Yourself Feel the Good

One chooses sorrow as effortlessly as joy. There’s a moment today and tomorrow you can let yourself feel the good that’s available in […]

jaebi June 20, 2016 Good

Practice Being a Friend

It’s a force greater than the gender of your partner. Friendship transforms romance into authentic connection. Being your partner’s friend fastens the straps so […]

jaebi May 27, 2016 Good